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Tara Moon

the artist behind the ​brand

Hi there, ladies! I'm Tara, the artist ​behind the brand, Karma Design ​Studios. I’m on a mission to ​empower amazing women to take ​their businesses to the next level ​with stunning branding and design.

About Karma Design Studios

I believe that every small business owner has a unique story to tell, and I am here to help you ​bring that story to life through creative design. Karma Design Studios is dedicated to ​collaborating closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your brand reflects your vision and ​resonates with your audience. I will craft designs that not only visually represent your brand but ​also speak to the heart of your values and message. Let's work together to elevate your brand ​and make a lasting impact in the market.

Karma Design Studios holds the non-aggression principle and bodily autonomy as its core ​values. Therefore, I avoid working with any business that promotes animal exploitation or ​harm.

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Popular Packages

$150 - $700

One time fee

The cost of a logo varies ​based on desired style and ​complexity. Mascot and ​illustration logos are pricier, ​while signature font-based ​logos are more affordable.

Logo Design

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$320 - $800

Monthly fee

Social Media Management ​packages are customized ​for each client based on ​factors like the number of ​posts, platforms, and reel ​creations, affecting pricing.

Social Media Management

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$400 - $2,500

One time fee

The pricing for branding ​design will depend on the ​complexity of the logo ​design and the number of ​design assets you wish to ​have in the final delivery.

Branding Design

Double Feature

“I love our new logo. We wanted to show that everyone is on their own ​journey, and the directional rays of the sun in our logo were designed to ​represent the individuality of those pathways.”

“Our previous logo was settled in the past. Our new logo brings us into ​the future.”

- Rebecca Millar, CEO of SHINE

The Best Sunshine Logo Designs ​FEATURE by DesignRush

99designs Feature

and Interview with

SHINE & Tara Moon (Me)

Video streaming screen as Photo Frame - Retro Style

Social Media Management

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Karma Design Studios comes to the rescue ​of small businesses with social media ​management services!

The industries I vibe with:

Ladies' Fashion, Hair & Beauty, Skin ​Saviors, Plant-Powered Nourishment, ​Vegan Grub, Autism Allies, Festival ​Feels, Greenery, Giving Back & Making ​a Difference, Property Passion, and ​Curated Apothecaries.


Canva Templates

Terms & Conditions:

Access to these templates is available with a Canva Pro subscription. As the purchaser, you are not permitted to resell ​or claim ownership of the work. These designs are non-exclusive and may be resold by Karma Design Studios.

50 Apothecary & Wellness Pack

50 Custom Apothecary & Wellness Social Media ​Post Templates for Canva.


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Instagram Business Card

Instagram business card ​Canva Template.

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For additional packages, check out my Etsy Shop.

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